13 December 2018
My work from Abandoned, Consumption and Sabkha series is included in a new exhibition opening this Saturday 5pm at Warehouse 421 in Abu Dhabi alongside the work of Lamya Gargash, Mohammed Somji and Sinisa Vlajkovic. Entitled 'Architeture of Loneliness' the work attempte to 'examine feelings of solitude shaped by the nations city planning, governance and architecture'. There is also an accompanying book, cataloguing the works and with specially commissioned essays.

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1 October 2018
As usual, I’m the last one to the party, but better late than never. I’ve finally succumbed to the pressure and started an instagram account (although with 82 followers I'm still a little short of being a full scale influencer) I always feared, having an addictive personality, that I’d end up spending too much time behind my phone rather than my camera. But I’ve been advised that I might as well not exist if I don’t get wih the program. I’d be delighted if you’d follow my account and introduce me to yours. For now, I’m sharing a mix of legacy personal and commercial images, combined with recent work and things from my phone camera. I plan to keep my feed personal and authentic rather than hiring someone else to post on my behalf. And I’m already enjoying discovering the myriad of other feeds. Hope to see you on the line :-)

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10 September 2017
Throughout September a selection from my 'abandoned' series is showing at Getxo Photo Festival near Bilbao, Spain. The large scale display prints are installed, appropriately, in an abandoned petrol station. Getxo is a small festival in this beautiful seaside suburb of Bilbao. Getxo was curated by Monica Allende who worked with the festival director Jokin Aspuru, and the municipal authorities to install many any of the shows in interesting and public spaces around the town. This festival has revived interest in the 'abandoned' series, with features in The Guardian and other media, including an upcoming feature in Internazionale in Italy by Christian Caujolle.

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22 April 2017
It was great to see one of my pictures in Somerset House again, where it joined the lastest show of work for the 2016 Syngenta Photography Award. This time they selected a work from my 'abandoned' series. The Zebra image was previously featured by The Daily Mail, of all things, and incited considerable outrage from Ex-Pats in Dubai who protested that Zebras had never been seen on the Sheikh Zayed highway! The exhibition is now finished in London but will be commencing it's world travels soon and I'll advise where it will appear again as soon as I have that information.

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18th April 2017
After being extended, the Anthropocene exhibition ran for 4 months at the GPP Gallery in Al Serkal Avenue in Dubai and received good attendance and feedback, and some gratifying media attention and reviews, including Anna Seaman's piece in The National. You can see it here www.thenational.ae

I'm also happy that the 'Jumping Man' is now flying over to New York to join a private collection, meaning my artworks are now distributed over a good number of the world's major cities. Hopefully their value as talking points will outweigh their growing carbon footprint!

I also gave a well-attended talk at Al Serkal's public space, The Yard. Many thanks to those who came and sorry my message wasn't more cheerful!

It seems the theme of the Anthropocene is being picked up all over the place, including by no-less-than Edward Burtynsky, and also by the much-admired East Wing Gallery in Dubai; hopefully they will bring their show home soon.

Please look out for other news concerning the unprecedented influence that man has now exerted over our highly-vulnerable planet. If you get a chance, I recommend watching Leonardo Dicaprio's film 'Before the flood'. Hopefully with more and more people talking about these issues there will soon be cause for us to have, again, some hope for our kids' futures.

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